About OddEven.com

OddEven.com publishes the latest news, information and research on the growing practice of alternate day road-sharing to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion. We focus on innovations that measure air quality and traffic volume, on efforts to curb vehicle emissions and on emerging technologies in the areas of spatial and digital mapping. We are interested in:

  • Smart City real-time informatics
  • data monitoring
  • analysis that leads to more efficient cities and improved quality of life for all citizens
An independent public service, we maintain a repository of curated material on the practice of Odd|Even day road-sharing. Our goal is to be the world's leading source of such information for commuters, transportation experts, metropolitan and national governments and for entrepreneurs and stewards of innovation working toward a more sustainable future.


David Roberts maintains OddEven.com. He is a researcher, writer and consultant for sustainable economy enterprises in the areas of plant biotechnology and petroleum replacement. He is an active volunteer on various boards and agencies, a novelist and illustrator, and curator of a very neglected fine art practice. EDUCATION MA in Journalism (Western University) EXPERIENCE 20+ years as a news journalist, mostly with The Globe and Mail. Communications and Consultation Secretariat of Canada’s Privy Council Office as a non-partisan strategic advisor.