Car-sharing is deeply rooted in India’s Smart City Initiative

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“We all remember the Delhi Government’s Odd-Even rule, introduced not very long ago,” said a recent story in Entrepreneur India. “It did bring about a positive result – reduced road traffic induced pollution and helped in de-congesting the city, however, both the initiative as well as the outcome, was short-lived.”

The article suggests car-sharing could replace 25 cars with just 1 car if applied smartly in the Indian context. “Car sharing presents a good antidote to not just reducing pollution by bringing down the number of cars plying on the city roads but also decongesting the roads – giving people the liberty to drive cars whenever they want without the cost burden of maintaining and parking their vehicles.”

The article suggests greenhouse gas emissions could be cut by around 13 metric tons annually per car-share, improving public health. The article suggests the concept of car-sharing or pooling in urban mobility is “deeply rooted in the Indian Government’s ‘Smart Cities’ initiative.”

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