Pyeongchang implements Odd-Even road rules during Olympic Games

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PYEONGCHANG (Feb 9) – During the Winter Olympic Games between Feb. 10 and 25 cars with an even number as the last number on their license plate can use the roads on an even-numbered day and vice versa for odd number plates on an odd-numbered day, meaning each car can only be taken out on alternate days.

In PyeongChang, drivers can volunteer to follow the guidelines, but in Gangneung, the rule will be strictly applied to everyone, reports the Korea Herald. Tourists can be fined if they drive their cars on an unmatching day, even if they are not driving to see the Olympic Games.

The Olympic committee has urged those in the host cities to make use of the free public transportation during the period, rather than personal vehicles.

For Olympic athletes and the staff from Feb 1 to 28 an exclusive Olympic lane will be made available on the Yeongdong Expressway. The roads will be marked with the Olympic rings.

The PyeongChang organizing committee will launch a “Go PyeongChang” transportation application for the Olympic-goers. The app will help the users make transportation reservations and search for the best route to the game venues and the bus numbers and times.

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