Waze navigation app to aid Odd-Even commuters in Jakarta

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JAKARTA – Google’s Waze navigation app is being used in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta to help drivers and riders navigate the Odd-Even road rationing restrictions designed to reduce traffic gridlock and pollution in the city.

The Jakarta Transportation Department worked with Waze to create a special program for commuters to help them get around the city’s major routes that are only navigable on Odd or Even numbered days depending on vehicle licence plate numbers.

“Waze will automatically process and give route landing directives by adjusting the implementation of even-odd system,” said Fajar Nugrahaeni, Section Head of Public Transportation for Jakarta Transportation Dept. He said users of the Waze GPS navigation tool can enable the OddEven feature by going to the Waze settings menu.

He said the feature is to be applied in Jakarta and also in Brazil.

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