Discussion paper on the merits of Odd-Even road-sharing in New Delhi

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The success of Odd-Even road-sharing to curb air pollution in a city such as New Delhi depends on a variety of economic, political and social factors, says a discussion paper by Avnika Nagar – a Masters student at Tata Institute Of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

New Delhi, along with Paris, Bogota, Beijing and other cities, has implemented Odd-Even alternate day road sharing with varying success during serious air pollution events.

Part of the problem New Delhi has encountered is that two-wheeled vehicles, which contribute largely to the air pollution, have been exempt from the program. The traveling public also was largely inconvenienced since New Delhi’s public transport could not accommodate the surge of commuters forced to find alternate travel on days the Odd-Even road plan was implemented.

Here is a link to the discussion paper, published by Planning Tank

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