Exploring the Implementation and Success of Green Urban Mobility in Asian Cities

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In the last few decades, concern and interest has been geared towards promoting sustainable mobility in cities globally.

Emphasis lies on provision of public transport, cycle paths, health and safety awareness campaigns, development of bike-sharing schemes and facilitating cycling and electric car sharing as alternative modes of transport for short-distance trips.

The private sector focuses on sustainable schemes, such as Company Vehicles Sharing and development of innovative technologies such as ebikes (Electric Bikes) and provision of vehicles and infrastructures. Other measures are re-distributive schemes like clean docking stations; SmartCard integration with public transit; fleet monitoring and integrated fare schemes such as GPS/GNSS tracking and touch screen kiosks.

This paper looks at urban green mobility in Asia with specific examples drawn from East and Southeast Asian cities. It highlights current transport problems, green mobility practices, success of the policies and factors militating against growth of green mobility in the cities.

From Planning Malaysia – The Journal of the Malaysian Institute of Planners

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