Research Study: 2-wheelers, trucks add to New Delhi air quality woes

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New Delhi (April 10, 2017) – A new study published in the International Journal of Advanced Research says meteorology and emissions from other polluting sources have been major factors impacting air quality in New Delhi, one of the most dangerously air-polluted cities in the world.

As a result the Odd-Even road-sharing efforts trialed by the government in 2016, while successfully reducing traffic gridlock, had less impact on sources of air contamination.

“Overall, it can be stated that while some reduction in air pollution is likely to happen due to odd-even scheme, a single factor or action cannot substantially reduce air pollution levels in Delhi,” said the study by Aparna Katiyar, SK Singh and AK Haritash of Delhi Technological University’s Department of Environmental Engineering. “Therefore, a comprehensive set of actions following an integrated approach is required to make substantial improvement in air quality.”

The study noted vehicles are cited as cause of roughly 20 percent of the air pollution in New Delhi with trucks and motorcycles major contributors. So tweaks need to be made if Odd-Even road sharing is to work to reduce more than just traffic gridlock.


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